Kravin’s Noodle Meal

Grab a generous portion of...


Katsu Curry on Rice

A true comfort food. Try...


Kravin’s Rice Meal

Get yourself a kravingly good...


Grilled Chicken on Rice

Two pieces of pan-fried tender...



The big value, 2 choice...


All totally kravable. Steamy hot, crammed with kravy flavours and just, well… delicious.

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

Our deliciously warm and creamy...


Hot and Sour Soup

Our stupendous spicy and tangy...


Kick off with  yumminess of our gorgeous startery favourites.

Edamame Beans

Can you get enough of...


Sharing Platter (for 2-3)

6 Mini Veg Spring Rolls,...


Crispy Duck

A delightful treat on any...

Clear selection

Satay Chicken on Skewers

Kraving satay? Delicious pieces of...


Batter Fried Chicken (6)

Our ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken...


Smoky Chicken with Salt and Chilli

Massive i-KRAVE win. Strips of...


Chicken Wings with Salt and Chilli (6)

Our fabulous wings, stir fried...


Chicken Wings in Hot and Spicy Sauce (6)

Chicken wing kraving? Seasoned and...


Chinese Dumplings (4)

A total krave. ‘Must have...

Clear selection

Minced Prawn on Toast (4)

Made by our chef, using...


Chicken Spring Rolls (3)

Oh my! Our incredible hand...


Mini Veg Spring Rolls (6)

Golden crisp pastry on the...


Prawn Crackers

The i-KRAVE way. Thick cut,...


Experience the flavours from our crazily creative kitchen. You won’t be able to ignore the kraving.

Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Succulent beef, in our own...


Beef with Broccoli

Wonderfully tender beef, seasoned and...


Cantonese Sweet & Sour Chicken

Sweet & Sour kraver? OK!!!...


Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

Tender chicken, in our own...


Chinese Curry

Krave a Chinese curry? You...

Clear selection

Chinese Honey Roasted Pork

Seasoned for 24 hours with...


Crispy Chicken in Spicy Sauce

Our spectacular crispy, golden fried...


Crispy Shredded Beef

Fresh top-side beef, lovingly prepared...


Fresh Mixed Vegetables in Curry Sauce

Fresh mixed vegetables, stir fried...


Fried Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

Chunks of healthy and nutritious...


Mixed Seafood with Broccoli

Our delicious i-KRAVE selection of...


Pak Choi

Vegan food never tasted so...


Our own take on sensational Chinese favourites, all dripping in krave-making goodness.

Chicken Chow Mein

Get in! Deliciously seasoned chicken...

Clear selection

Mixed Meat Chow Mein

With chicken, prawns and Chinese...

Clear selection

Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein

Egg-noodles cooked with a mix...

Clear selection

Singapore Style Chow Mein

Super-good egg noodles, stir fried...

Clear selection

Don’t even think of taking away without taking away your favourite yummy rice to go with it.

Chicken Fried Rice

Deliciously seasoned chicken breast, stir-fried...

Clear selection

Egg Fried Rice

We use fresh eggs in...

Clear selection

Mixed Meat Fried Rice

With chicken, prawns and Chinese...

Clear selection

Plain Boiled Rice

An true unsung hero on...

Clear selection

Satay Fried Rice

Satay flavoured fried rice with...

Clear selection

Singapore Style Fried Rice

Stir fried with a selection...

Clear selection

You krave what you krave. Perfect for walking home with.


When you krave chips you...


Dipping Sauce

Choose from Sweet & Sour,...

Clear selection

Salt and Chilli Chips

A total i-KRAVE special. Sensational...


Steamed Buns with Crispy Chicken/Braised Pork Belly

Try our takes of one...

Clear selection

Our own, piping hot beverages. Fridge-chilled bottled drinks. Be crazy not to.

Bottled Still Water

Still water. In a bottle....


Chinese Tea

Our own, authentic i-KRAVE Chinese...


Cold Drinks

Desperate for Diet Coke? Frantic...


English Tea

A truly excellent English tea,...


Couldn’t you just find room for something sweet and yummy to finish you off?


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