About us

Takeaway Chinese you really will krave.

We love Chinese food.

No great surprise really. It’s the food we grew up with. Love the flavours. The smells. The textures. The colours. The lot.

And just like we love the food itself, we love the whole pizazz of Chinese takeaway.

Opening up your bag.

Lifting out your containers.

Removing the lids to unleash the delights beneath.

The best Saturday nights. The best midweek treat. The best working-late takeout. And definitely the best hot lunch on a chilly day.

Even the leftovers are yummy, if there are any, which there very probably aren’t.

Takeaway that takes your breath away.

We started i-KRAVE with the simple idea of cooking fresh, delicious Chinese food that would be so delicious and so consistent that, once you’d eaten it, you’d in future crave not just any takeaway Chinese food, but our takeaway Chinese food.

How did we go about it?

We looked hard at every classic Chinese favourite we could think off and chose the ones that everyone loves.

So, do we have the longest menu ever?

On the contrary.

Just forty or so mouth-watering dishes and sides. But they’ll definitely include the stuff you really like.

Once we’d chosen our dishes, we set our chef to work to cook every dish more deliciously and moreishly than we’d ever tasted it before.

We sampled a lot of food. A lot!

But in the end we got to what we think are the most delicious recipes ever for the Chinese favourites on our menu.

How we make i-KRAVE better.

We use only lean, prime beef.

We buy fresh, free range chicken and top-quality pork.

We select fresh vegetables, locally grown where possible or sourced from specialist importers.

We buy top quality spices, herbs and condiments, and use them generously.

But, most importantly, we stick to those recipes.

Those are our most prized secrets.

Because they make food that makes you want to come back for more.

It’s not just the ingredients, though.

Great ingredients are crucial.

But so are great cooking, and great service.

We train our cooks not to prepare just great ‘Chinese food’, but to prepare our uniquely kraveable takeaway Chinese food, to perfection.

We show them how we make each dish, so it has the flavours you pine for every time you come back.

We train our front of house staff, too.

When you come in our takeaway, we want them smiling. We want them helpful. But most of all, we want them ready.

Same when they answer the phone or pick up your email.

You’re hungry, and you’re kraving.

We want them getting you that whole i-Krave feeling, fast.